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Sport Artificial

Sports Artificial - The best sports company for you!

Sports Artificial was founded with the aim of encouraging our investors to participate in sports activities through our products! We understand the initial influence of sports in people's lives, whether in physical health, mental health, self-esteem, discipline, and even teamwork. That's why we developed an intuitive mobile application that will be a workout partner for users with a variety of functions.
We will also have our Sports AI Coach, which will provide our users with all analytical and sports data from a range of sports, and of course! Our Staking platform and exclusive NFT marketplace cannot be missed, with a beautiful collection and options for Sports Artificial investors to monetize! It has never been easier to find such an effective workout partner as Sports Artificial, we will be for our investors!
->Technology has had a significant influence on the evolution of all sports. From the implementation of electronic timers to the use of advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies, technology has revolutionized the way sports are practiced, broadcast, and analyzed.
->In the training area, for example, athletes and coaches now have access to a wide range of technologies that help them improve their skills. This includes fitness monitoring devices, movement analysis software, and game simulation technologies. Additionally, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to help coaches make informed decisions about the training and performance of athletes.
->In sports broadcasting, technology is also changing the way viewers watch and interact with the game. This includes the use of high-tech cameras to broadcast live games in high definition and the integration of technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to create a more immersive viewing experience.
->Furthermore, technology is revolutionizing the way matches are evaluated and officiated. This includes the use of technologies such as the Goal-Line Technology (GLT) system and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system to help referees make more accurate decisions during matches.
In conclusion, technology has had a significant influence on the evolution of all sports, helping to improve athlete performance, the experience of spectators, and the accuracy of decisions made during matches. The trend is for technology to continue to have an increasingly larger impact on sports in the future.

Main Artificial Sports products {Sports AI}

We will bring convenience to our users where they will be able to access from anywhere, customized programming for sports choices, and fully useful for health, to monitor and control all possible indicators.

-> Coach AI

A magnificent AI Coach, which will make our sports life easier, our AI Coach has over 20 sports in its database, serving us in various areas, giving us faster answers to any sports questions we may have! Really, with AI Coach our sports life will no longer be the same, it will be much better! It includes data such as:
  • Sports stories;
  • Statistical data;
  • Everything about our favorite professionals, the one we see as a mentor;
  • Sports rules;
  • Videos with memorable plays and much more!
Access our bot and have fun.
We will have a Staking platform, where we will provide our investors with a return according to the pre-fixed APY in our Sports AI token, BNB, BUSD, ETH, USDT and Sports Artificial NFTs.
An exclusive NFTs Sports AI platform, with wonderful collections, our platform will soon allow for buying and selling transactions, we will have Staking on our NFTs to truly reward our investors and also the inclusion of the same in the metaverse.
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